Through the years...

As an acting teacher she has earned a reputation as one of Chicago’s respected ladies of theatre. Carole has a unique style of bringing each student to a newfound clarity of their talents and profession. She amazes with her ability to constantly find new ways to get her students to approach old ideas and material. Carole Kleinberg’s’ detail, focus, style and follow-through are her stock in trade.

Denis Berkson

Chairperson - Performing Arts Department, Oakton Community College

Hi Carole,

Finally, a few months ago (shortly after you saw the show) I was able to sit down and go thru all my action verbs, give thought processing pauses and give life to that script.  I really think you were right about it being a gargantuan project and a year of writing, propping, costuming and memorizing was just not enough time to process all of it. Worrying about it fitting into a 50 min. format was driving me nuts.  I finally asked one of the activity directors “Which part of ONE hour do you not understand and if you really want a 45 min. show, which lines do you want me to cut?”

It took your critique to get me to let go of the “Writer” and become the “Actor”.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve actually acted and it felt so good.  We had a good run and are thinking of doing some shows next year. I may decide to try and book into some small theatres, but will have to beef it up a bit.  I’d also like to workshop it first. Thanks for all your help.

Joanna Olson


I deeply appreciate your help in making “Yesterday’s” shoot happen. I shed a few tears of joy last night (maybe it was the wine), regretting only that you could not share a wrap toast.

Thanks for never allowing me to be satisfied, making the perfect costume appear, working like 30 year olds with the wisdom and experience of elders; and for bringing your education, creative ideas, dramaturgy, and all-around quality to the aid of this effort.

The experience of creating the Mark Twain Education Society has so far been a Disney ride without the line. I salute you for a fabulous effort and can’t wait to see the rough cut.

Alan Kitty

Mark Twain Writer, Actor

She is patient, encouraging, charmingly commanding, creative, bright, thoughtful, insightful, congenial, and I could go on with all the adjectives that describe a most competent director and delightful person… because she truly is!

Richard Steckel


You have been an inspiration and a joy to work with. I have learned so much and I hope that I can apply your ideas, your understanding of stage and actors, and your knowledge of language to other scripts that I am working on. Thanks so much, and know that I appreciate what you done for me. You deserve much credit for getting me to (the) Alabama Shakespeare Festival, (Southern Writers’ Project).

Stephen Cooper


Carole Kleinberg is an absolutely wonderful dramaturge and director. More importantly, she is an extraordinary human being who puts her heart and soul into everything she does to help others be successful, whether it’s a playwright needing guidance, a charity event needing her colorful personality, or a struggling actor needing a boost. As a dramaturge, she pays extremely close attention to every detail and pushes a writer to do the same in terms of crafting crisp dialogue or knowing the psychological profile of each and every character. As a director, she balances tenderness with her very high expectations for herself, her actors, all of the technical elements and every aspect of whatever play she happens to be bringing to life.

Carole just directed my civil rights play entitled Not Our Time and, as expected, she did a magnificent job in every respect. I could not recommend her more highly.

Bernie Yanelli