Lectures and Workshops

Workshops can be taken as a series, or singly. Participants will have a clearer perspective on what they see in the theatre and in film, understand why they like or dislike a particular production, gain appreciation of the actor’s or director’s art, and have fun exploring their own creativity.

Each program last approximately one hour, although times can be modified by 15 minutes more or less.

Putting the Puzzle Together:
How Theatre Happens

Learn about the role of the producer, director, actors, technical and creative artists and how they all work together to create a powerful theatrical experience.

All About Acting, inside secrets
of the actor’s art

Did you ever wonder about the tools and techniques used by actors to bring the words of the script to life on the stage? Learn the difference between the acting styles of Clint Eastwood and Johnny Depp or Amy Adams and Meryl Streep.

The Best dance Scenes on
the Silver Screen

After viewing video clips of dance scenes, we will discuss the elements that make them outstanding and memorable.  Then share your ideas about other film dance scenes that are most memorable to you.

Inside Secrets of the Director’s Art

Learn the secrets directors use to achieve dramatic impact and emphasis on the stage. Try your hand at using simple directing tools to achieve surprising results.

Ten Groundbreaking 20th Century
American Musicals

We’ll view video clips of scenes from these plays and discuss how they contributed to or changed the direction of the Broadway musicals that came after.

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down:
The Theatre Critic Within us all

How come you loved it and the critics gave it two thumbs down? What do the critics look for when they review a play? Should you pay attention to the reviews or not?

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